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Pawpaw Icecream

This year I was looking for something new to do with our abundant supply of Pawpaw pulp. One of the main options for preserving the pulp is freezing, so I decided to make some ice…

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Wineberry Cobbler

The wineberry is in the Rubis family like the raspberry and blackberries. The wineberry is less seedy than the blackberry in my opinion, and has a sweet hint of citrus flavor. The berries ripen around…

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Pawpaw Kombucha

If you are lucky enough to have a supply of Pawpaw fruit or know someone who does then this is a great fruit to add to your next Kombucha batch. This mango, strawberry custard-like flavored…

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Latest DIY

First Look: Hot Process Soap

I’m not sure what piqued my interest in soapmaking, but it was just that. The whole process seemed difficult and fascinating, but I knew it was something the average DIYer could handle. One night, I…

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DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

People often think it is difficult or time consuming to make their own Do it Yourself (DIY) cleaning supplies. I’m here to tell you – This is a myth! This DIY natural all-purpose cleaner will…

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Homestead Concept Designing with Chief Architect – Part 1

I came across Chief Architect Software when I was looking around for a program to design blueprints. I tried several free programs online and some trial versions of others. Nothing seems to give me exactly…

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Latest Forging Tips

Processing Pawpaws

In this video I go over the steps I take to process the pulp and seeds from the Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) fruit. Foraging for Pawpaw Fruit in Pennsylvania Pawpaw Ice Cream Recipe Pawpaw Kombucha Recipe…

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Foraging for Pawpaw Fruit in Pennsylvania

It is mid-September, and that means it is Pawpaw Season!!! This past weekend I took a trip to a local pawpaw patch in southwestern Pennsylvania to explore and forage for some pawpaw fruit. Processing Pawpaws…

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Foraging & Cooking Amber Jelly Mushrooms

**Disclaimer: Before eating any wild mushroom (or any new foraged item) check guides, spore print on species with look-a-likes, and be 100% certain of what you are eating. If you are at all unsure, do…

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