Take 1 – The Struggle of Content Creation

The past two days have been a struggle. The kiddo and I set-up to shoot the first video for Road to Homesteading. With my background in graphic design and web development, I thought this would come easy, but I am a complete noob when it comes to video editing software. After what felt like 100 takes, I started to wonder if I am cut out to be in front of the camera or edit videos.

I do not yet come across as confident in myself or words on film, and confidence is key in video creation. I know exactly what I want to convey, then forget an important step or stumble 10 seconds in. Yes – to err is human, but this human would like to keep the mistakes to a minimum. I was somewhat happy with the first take today, but noticed my kitchen looked cluttered. I watched the footage again and noticed the lighting was not nearly as good on this rainy day as it had been in test-runs, was rainy, and none of the lighting in the house looked nearly as good as a few of my dry test runs. I decided to rearrange everything and try again.

A few dozen takes in – it started to feel a little more natural. We made it through the whole video, and I was somewhat happy with the content (and my newly decluttered kitchen!), but less than happy with the lighting. I guess with practice makes perfect, but the struggle is real! I will no longer take content creators on YouTube for granted now that I see how much work is put into creating a 10-minute video.

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